Psychotherapy & Counseling Practice


My Approach

I practice counseling and psychotherapy from a long term depth perspective. My primary orientation is Jungian. I believe that therapy takes time. Trust and respect are key elements to any deep work on ourselves. I work with individual adults couples, adolescents and children. My work with clients includes talk therapy, dream work, active imagination, movement, the expressive arts, and the development of personal awareness.


Who I Have Helped

Over the years I have worked with clients helping them find their way through issues including depression, relationship problems, domestic violence, sexual assault, family of origin difficulties, creative blocks, grief, addictions, low self esteem, divorce, bipolar disorder, spirituality and anxiety.


In Person, Online, and on the Phone

Traditionally the only approach to therapy has been an in person in the therapists office session. I have worked this way for many years and of course it works well. As clients moved away from the area I lived in and continued their therapy with me phone work became an essential part of my practice. Sometimes clients at a distance from me would refer people to me and phone therapy with perhaps an occasional in person session would be the only way to work. I have found all these approaches can lead to deep and significant transformations for clients. Technology has given us a new and exciting possibility. When I decided to move to Maui in 2011 most of my clients wanted to continue their work with me. I began using Skype and FaceTime with my mainland and international clients. It is a great way to work. The technology has caught up with needs of both client and therapist. If you are considering online therapy we would start with an initial consultation so you can get a feel for how it works.


How to Get Started

I like to start therapy by scheduling an initial consultation. This gives you a chance to see how I work and what it feels like to be in my office or have an on line session. I do charge my regular fee for this consult. To schedule an appointment for a consultation please visit my appointments page, and use the contact form to reach me.



The cost per counseling session is based on a sliding scale from $150 to $100 per standard 50 minute session. Each client determines for themselves what is comfortable for them to pay within that range. I do not work with any insurance companies. I feel that their invasion of privacy and attempts to control therapy are destructive to the therapeutic process.