From Jung”s Letters: “Natural life is the nourishing soil of the soul. Anyone who fails to go along with life remains suspended stiff and rigid in midair”


The work of psychotherapy is to help us come home to ourselves. In some ways all sickness is homesickness. Through the trauma’s of our lives and the dislocations of our culture we loose what is essential and what roots us in who we are as individuals and as part of the larger collective. To come home we need a safe place. A place to rest and reflect. We need space to explore, to have successes and to make mistakes without recrimination. So many have lived with harsh internal and external critics. Voices filled with the ability to cut us off and destroy what is new and trying to grow within us. The therapy sessions should provide the safety and openness to journey through our lives and help us to rebuild that most essential relationship. The relationship with ourselves and our souls

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