Each of us experiences the world from the point of view of our own egos. We have a perspective on our lives and the lives of others based on how we see ourselves in the world. This is not a bad thing. We need an ego to orient ourselves and to act as a cohesive element in the psyche. The egos point of view is necessarily limited. There is much more going on below the surface than the ego can be aware of. Many contemporary psychological schools empathize the egoic point of view over something deeper.


We like to think that we know why we are doing things, that we understand our actions and emotions even if they are driven by irrational elements and inner complexes. It can be easy to find ways to justify or rationalize even our most outrageous actions and thoughts. We need a way to balance the egos perspective and stay in touch with the deeper meaning and flow of life.


Dreams provide that balance. According to Carl Jung dreams speak a compensatory language. They give us an alternative to the egos way of seeing ourselves and the world. In fact, Jung said that dreams are the objective reality while the egos perspective is the subjective reality. This is why we need our dreams and to understand them as best we can. It is also why our dreams can be difficult for us. Our dreams are trying to loosen the egos grip on our point of view. They give us another way of seeing things that is closer to the truth and the truth can be difficult for us at times.


This is also why it can be helpful to work with a psychotherapist trained in working with dreams. They will be able to gently guide you through the process of unlocking the meaning of your dreams and help you to see the direction your dreams are laying out.

Most of the time our egos lead us through life. Dreams are trying to connect us to deeper truths and let those deeper truths lead us.


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