There are many skills we must develop as Tai Chi players. I consider the development of listening jing to be among the most important. Two months ago I wrote about the heart in Tai Chi and the need to foster quietness and openness in the heart. These two processes are very interdependent. As the heart quiets it creates space for us to be able to listen. Listening is done with the whole being, body , mind and spirit. It means more than to listen with the ears and develops slowly over time. First we must listen within ourselves. We need to know and be able to be honest about what is occurring inside. As we begin to feel the inner flow of Tai Chi we can tune our attention into what is happening. We can see the beauty and be aware of the flaws. This can lead us to corrections and deepen out Tai Chi experience.


In two person work, pushing hands, listening is vital. We need to move our listening skills outside of ourselves and into the system we have created with another person. When two people touch their fields join and form one system. The connection moves from the ground of one persons foot all the way through each person and into the ground of the other. Listening enables us to know what is happening in this system. We can perceive the flow and the breaks, thus knowing when to act or be patient. As we develop our listening skills we move beyond action and into spontaneous being. From the Tai Chi perspective the one who is most relaxed and listens best wins.


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