“the blossoming and unfolding of the individual as the experimental, doubtful, and bewildering work of the living God, to whom we have to lend our eyes and ears and discriminating mind.”  C.G. Jung


Our inner work requires cultivating the art of listening with our whole being. We are each of us a work in progress, changing, growing and developing. There is an inherent inner process that wants to go on. We can and often do stop the process but we can also listen and bring ourselves in tune with the greater plan that resides in each of us. Our dreams are often the greatest clue to what is trying to unfold.


Many people think that God or the unconscious is not talking to them. That there is no communication. I think the challenge is to realize that the unconscious uses a highly symbolic language. William Stafford’s great book “Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language” does a wonderful job of clarifying this approach. The unconscious speaks to us nightly through our dreams. Our challenge is to do our best to understand the message of the dream. This is often challenging to do by ourselves. When we look at our own dreams we are stuck within our own way of seeing. We have monocular vision and can not see in depth. When we sit with another person we can get binocular vision and begin to see the true depth of what is being presented.


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