Every Tai Chi practitioner should have a copy of Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essential Points. Yang Chengfu was one of the best known teachers of Tai Chi. He was the grandson of Yang Lu-chan and was known for smoothing out the form. One of his most important writings is The Ten Essential Points of Yang Chengfu.

1.  The head should be held as if suspended from above, so that the chi of vitality can reach the top.

2.  Sink the chest and pluck up the back. (This is meant as an energetic instruction. Do not pull your chest in or down.)

3.  Sung (relax) the waiste.

4.  Differentiate yin and yang.

5.  Sung the shoulders and sink the elbows.

6.  Use mind (yi) not force.

7.  Upper and lower mutually follow.

8.  Inside and outside coordinate.

9.  Movement is mutually joined and unbroken.

10. Seek stillness in movement.


These qualities take years to develop but are worth our attention and dedication. If you did not have a copy of Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essential Points now you do. Use them wisely.

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