There are many reasons why anyone of us might choose to take up the practice of Tai Chi. I think many of the best reasons lay in our contemporary life style and life choices. We are told that multitasking is a good thing, the way we should approach our every waking moment. We often rush form one task to the next hurrying along the way. It seems I constantly hear from people that there is too much going on. Sometimes it is even good “stuff” but too much. Our diets are made up of the most immediate item available. Our sleep suffers. We live outside of our bodies. A famous body work guru once said “ All these people are busy trying to have out of body experience, I am still waiting to meet someone who is having an in-body experience”. We live outside of who we are and disconnected from this beautiful planet we live on. Any one of these things drain would our chi, combined they are a disaster. We loose energy, age prematurely and our vitality is sapped.


In Tai Chi we have the opportunity to reconnect to our true self. We center, breath, take a small step and begin to make life more simple. We move slowly connecting to heaven and earth. Then we work and play to deepen that connection. An awareness of what it feels like to be in our bodies starts to grow and we can find a wisdom in the body. We find connection in ourself and then connections to the planet. If we stay at it, keep our practice going, we find a deep stillness, a truth that lays deep beneath everything else.

Sometimes we can simply stand and be in awe of it all. Our energy begins to come back, we start to feel good and the hard edges begin to soften. Even simple everyday tasks take less energy. Sometimes when we find the flow we might smile softly like the Buddha.


To sign up for a Tai Chi (Tai Ji) class or arrange a private lesson in Kihei on Maui please call 808-280-3450. Tai Chi Class, including Chi Kung and pushing hands, meets Monday mornings from 7:30 to 9:30 in Kihei on Maui